Signs that You're Dating a Trans Fetish

Yes, more and more men are dating trans women now. This is the main reason why transgender dating apps and websites are so popular today. But transgender women are also more likely to encounter fetishes, which means some men are looking for transsexual dates not to develop a serious relationship but to satisfy their twisted desires. In this case, transgender women are definitely victims. So it's important for transgender women to quickly identify these fetishes before things get worse. If the following happens to you, you're probably already being targeted by a fetish.

Pay attention to what he calls you

If a man often USES the term "special woman" when he's dating you, be careful. The men who call you that way indicate that they don't understand what it means to be a trans woman, meaning that they may not want to be serious about developing a serious trans dating relationship with you. Approaching you and dating you is just out of their curiosity about transgender women. Of course, a name probably doesn't mean he's a fetish, and if he has any of the following characteristics, stay away from him.

He has no respect for trans women

He'll tell you straight from the shoulder that women are tough to deal with. There's no doubt that men and women think differently, and if you're going after a trans woman because you have trouble communicating with a genetic woman, you probably feel the same way when you talk to a trans woman. In most cases, men blame problems directly on women. In fact, if you encounter this kind of problem, you should reflect that it may be your own communication problem.

He played a trick on your feelings

If he makes your insecurities a part of his game, he's dubious. In fact, almost everyone in the pursuit of true love will encounter numerous setbacks. In fact, for transgender women to tap, gender dysphoria is a real crash, and it can be exhausting. Some men are so cunning and malicious that they will use it to trick you when they know you are insecure. To a hunter, trans people are like a giant duck with ease. Because these men are targeted at transgender women who are still struggling with restlessness and are unsure of their appearance and personality. In other words, if you keep receiving negative comments from him, don't even ask for his opinion. Then you'd better stay away from him at once.

Transgender women need to be very observant when looking for a date and relationship because fetishism is obvious, so you can use your woman's intuition. The recommendations are especially useful for transgender women who should be dating and having sexual contact with a man. Finally, remember that the three most important things are self-love, self-respect and observation.