Dressing Tips for Transgender Women

After chatting with a guy on a trans dating app for several days, he may ask out for a date. As a trans woman, you may don't know what to wear on a date. This is not only a question for trans women, but for all women. The first impression is very important in dating. How to attract your date, and how to make a good impression to your date?

Dressing advice

Know your body size, don’t just guess, measure properly. This will help you to get clothes that fit you correctly. Choose clothes that fit your body, don't just follow the crowd and dress like most of girls.

Dress for the occasion. Before choosing what to wear, you should consider about your dating place. Your clothes, hair style and make-up should appropriate for the dating place.

Buy the best quality clothes that you can afford. A lot of women make mistake by buying cheaper clothes.Wearing good quality outfits in dating will not only make you look better but will also boost your confidence.

Don't over make-up. It's very natural that girls like to make up, but don't over do it, nature is the most beautiful thing. Arrive at the dating place with a neat and clean appearance, avoid being overly made-up, dress conservatively and comfortably.

Wear body shaping garments to look more sexy. Body shaping garments such as tummy shaper, hip pads and butt pads will help you get a curvy figure.

Outfit advice

Try out different style to see which suits you better, more importantly, outfit styles should fit for your transgender dating place. If you are going to gave a night dinner, evening dress can be your best choice, if it's too formal, black dress is also good for that occasion.

If you date in a bar, you can dress casually and stylishly. Loose tops with jeans and heel  can be a perfect match. You can also dress as you like, but remember to be casual and stylish.

When date in a warm day, you can wear a top or T-shirt with shorts or skirt, don't wear not too short and too skimpy. However, shorts or skirt are not the right choice for pre-surgery trans women.

Date in winter is different from other seasons. Warmth and comfort should be considered. My necessities in winter dating are jeans or leggings, over-sized sweater, boots and coat, accessories like hat, scarf are also needed sometimes. If your dating place is indoors, you can take off your coat, so inner clothes is very important. Try to find clothes without too many embellishments or ruffles. Too much accessories would result to casual get up, and make sure your accessory is fit for your clothes, especially when dating in winter.

Never dress weird clothes. Dress for your age, never too young, or too old. You can try different styles and clothes, and find the best one for you. If you want to blend in other people, you need to dress appropriately and dress like real trans women in dating.