Men who date trans women are more stigmatized

As one of the most famous transgender actress, Laverne Cox is also an advocate of transgender women. She tries her best to make everyone knows that the gender policy hurts all transgender people, and even cisgender men who ts date transgender women. She advocates that men who date transgender women should be treated fairly and respectfully.

There are many challenges ahead of men who are attracted to transgender women and men who date transgender women. These guys who are attractive to transgender women or date transgender women are more stigmatized than transgender women. No matter they are celebrities, famous people or not, men who date transgender women should come forward and say, " I love to date transgender women, I'm proud of dating transgender woman." They should be more brave to show their love to transgender women, and change other people's opinions on transgender dating.

The definition of gender is a serious issue that affects both transgender people and other members of LGBT community, such as gay men. Many people don't know how to avoid misunderstandings on these communities. In fact, I don't think they are special communities. They are the same as everyone of us. They may have different life experience, different personal preference, but that is not enough to identify the as special communities.

Why men who date trans women are more stigmatized? First, they may be seen as gay. Gay men and men dating transgender women are often misunderstood by other people. They are different from each other. I cannot understand why there are some people cannot distinguish gay men and cisgender men who date transgender women. It is easy to understand the difference between them if you are always believe transgender women are real women. Second, doubts about their gender orientation. I want to mention again, no matter they are straight men or not, don't doubt about their gender orientations. They have the right to decide and choose their dating partners. It is not a matter of gender orientation but a matter of personal dating preference. It is okay if you cannot accept ts dating transgender women, but never judge other people who date transgender women. Trans dating is full of challenge for both transgender people and cisgender people who date transgender people. Many famous transgender people advocate that they need a equal and safe society where they can be treated friendly by everyone. In fact, it is the common desire of all transgender people.

There are many transgender people fight for their equal rights, while men who date transgender women are more stigmatized. They should be treated equally. In fact, there are many men interested in dating trans women, due to social pressure and stigma, some of them are not brave enough to date trans women. This is why many transgender women cannot find their ideal partners. So, both transgender women and their admirers need a equal dating environment. I'm always stand by the side of transgender community and I'll try my best to help all transgender people around me.