How Does Rape Influence Trans Women

People often hear that transgender women have a lot of unpleasant or even unfair experiences in real life, but people may think that this statement is too abstract to bring them intuitive feelings. If so, take a look at the following story. Perhaps this will give you a more comprehensive understanding of the discrimination that transgender people suffer in today's society, especially for trans women.

Monica is a transsexual girl who went through a transition five years ago. Originally, her life has been difficult because of loneliness and lack of social recognition, but there is still one thing that makes her life more difficult, that is, rape in her university period. Maybe her concealment can bring her a more peaceful life, except for suffering from her heart, but she didn't choose to do so, because she knew deeply that the only way to change the current situation of transgender women was to attract the attention and change of the society. It should have been a university life full of beautiful memories. Because of the rape, her life has changed even worse.

What measures did she take after being raped?

Frankly speaking, rape itself is terrible enough, but what's more terrible is the indifferent attitude and neglect of the society. First, she turned to the hospital for help. The doctor just gave her a prescription drug called Truvada to make sure she was not infected with HIV. Next, she reported it to the school and tried to get the school's support. But her hopes were dashed by the apathy of the school. In order not to let the incident have a negative impact on the school, they tried to hide the incident and refused all of Monica's requests. Later, she asked the resource center administrator for help. But in the end, she was rejected under the pretext that she was not under their jurisdiction. Finally, she called the police, which was her last hope. Monica was asked to stay at school and wait for the notice, and then she never heard from anyone again.

Has rape long affected her mood?

There are so many cases about transgender women being raped, but in my opinion, the number of these cases is only a small part of all the rape cases, because most trans women are reluctant to disclose the fact that they have been raped. The underlying reason for this is that they clearly know that even if the case is reported, it cannot be solved well, just like Monica. In fact, in today's society, transgender people are already an isolated group. They don't expect to be helped and understood by anyone. So, Monica once thought that it was stupid to report the crime, because in the whole process, what made her extremely painful was not that she was imposed, but that the announcement of this matter was not solved, which brought a lot of negative effects to her life. Find trans dating apps here.

Rape is just one example of how transsexual women are being treated unfairly. In addition, they are still suffering from unfair treatment in various aspects. That is to say, even as they are known by more and more people, the situation they are facing still hasn't improved, which needs social efforts.