5 signs trans dating isn't going well

It's perfectly normal to go on a tranny date with high expectations. This person may be the person, or at least the person with whom you can hang out for a while. However, sometimes we are so desperate for a good outcome that it affects our perception of what is happening and prevents us from seeing that, in fact, dating transgender people is not going so well. Here are five subtle signs to watch out for.

They don't exist

There should be no cell phone for a first transgender dating, so if one of you is distracted by your phone, you're less interested in the other. If they're texting, watching football scores, or even chatting with the waiter, it's best to realize that's not possible. If you feel that your transgender date isn't paying attention to you, that means she's not interested in you. Then you'd better find a way to express yourself or attract her attention.

They won't stop talking about their ex

This is a huge red flag. Not only is it not fun to play the agony aunt, it's also a sign that they're not over their ex yet, and therefore not ready for a relationship. Similarly, if you find it impossible not to mention your ex, you should think twice about whether you're ready for a trans date.

They won't let you butt in

Talking too much can be a sign of nervousness, or they are more interested in themselves than you. If they're not interested in you, you'd better make an excuse not to have a second transgender date with a trans woman. This signal also means that she may be a self-centered person and you'd better figure out if you want to continue dating her.

One or two of you are drinking too fast

It's normal to drink on a first transgender date because alcohol is a useful social lubricant. However, if you think you're both drinking because you have nothing to say to each other, that's not a good sign. Stop drinking, end the trans date, and don't be seduced by the love you have for each other. If you don't have anything to talk about, then you're not the best match for each other, so end the trans dating early and look for your next potential partner.

You just don't feel it

If you've been thinking about what you're going to have for lunch tomorrow, it's clear that you're not feeling like you're shining and you're not trying to get to know your transgender date better. That's ok, because we don't react chemically to everyone we meet. Find a natural part of the conversation and tell them it's time to go home.