Transdr Helped Me Find My Husband

Transdr Helped Me Find My Husband

I am a transgender woman and I transitioned in my early 20s. Since I was a little boy, I always felt strange that I liked to wear my sister’s clothes and played her barbie dolls instead of cars and guns, and I liked hanging out with girls. My parents noticed the difference of me between other boys too. She and my dad just assume that maybe I was gay and they found a way to accept it.

When I grew older, I got isolated by my roommates and classmates. I don’t have any friends. I began to avoid those acts that may appeal too girly for a boy. In my high school, I even dated a girl to prove that I’m not gay. But I couldn’t help envy those pretty girls about their dresses and other things. Eventually, I came out as a gay. It did feel much better for not trying to pretend to be macho any more. But I still want to wear pretty dresses. More importantly, I have a mind of woman. I think as a woman. That’s why I decided to transition.

Luckily, I have the support of my parents, which made it so much easier. After I transitioned, I felt so right with my body and with who I am. I no longer miserable. But it is not that easy for us trans. Even though my parent accepted it, other didn’t. I found it is so difficult to make true friends and find romantic relationships. Until one day, I saw an online dating app especially designed for us trans called Transdr. So I download it for that I could really use a dating app to help me find a relationship. It is no doubt that all trans have dating issues. After I downloaded the app, I set my profile and I found that this is an app which gathers all transgender men and transgender women together and provides us a platform to make friends and date. There are so many of trans. I think it is a very good idea to bring them together. We trans often get isolated in real life, what we need is exactly a place where we can feel a sense of belonging.

Transdr left me with a very good impression. So I continued to use it. I think trans are all more friendly to trans than to other people. I quickly made many friends. Out of them, there’s a guy who was also a trans. He transitioned in his 20s too, same as me. We have a lot of things to talk about. There are so much topics we both interested in. Soon he asked me out. We met at a local bar and had a good time. Due to our same experience, the date went really good. We know what we need and what we do not. There are no guard we towards each other. After that, we dated a few times then we fell in love with each other.

We married two months after we established a romantic relationship. It is just so right. We can’t wait to start a family right away. It was all agreed by our family. We had a perfect wedding on last month. Now we are planning to adopt two children. We are both so happy and feel so lucky for meeting each other. Thank you, Transdr for making my life so great.